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Architectural Office

City: Athens
Area: 250m²
Architect: Thomas Gravanis & Associates

An office space bathed in daylight and controlled sunlight, in direct contact with the exterior environment through the glass-covered façade. The visitor is greeted with a colour-changing luminous partition surface that separates the reception from the rest of the office spaces. Work stations are located on the daylit ground floor whereas workshop areas, the meeting room and the recreational bar are on the basement level accessed by a white staircase. The meeting room features a projection surface with concealed colour-changing lighting and a variety of lighting scenarios for the multiple use of the space. Neutral white has been used throughout the office in order to highlight its industrial nature with is reinforced by the exposed electrical and hydraulic installations, the grey floors and the light-green wall segments. Thomas M. Gravanis¢ intent was the creation of a space reminiscent of an office environment in London, New York or Amsterdam. The lighting design by L+DG lighting architects in all spaces, be that natural or artificial, direct or indirect, establishes a pleasant, comfortable and stimulating work-environment that contributed positively in the occupants¢ well-being and productivity.