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Village Cinemas - Athens Metro Mall

City: Athens
Area: 1,470mē
Architect: Bobotis Architects

Village Cinemas inaugurated its new multi-plex cinema at the Metro Mall in Athens. The new multiplex comprises 5 cinemas and a purposely-designed space that includes a café/restaurant, a bar and a game area. The lighting design for the whole project realised by L+DG Thomas Gravanis Lighting Architects. The designers didnĒt want to have a static scene therefore, low voltage cold cathode lamps and LED systems have chosen to change colours. Special architectural features, designed by L+DG, are giving access inside the ceiling. These special features, measuring 600mm diameter, can be pulled down to give access, hiding three low voltage halogen lamps and one metal halide for general lighting. An iLight lighting controls system was chosen by designers to offer a complete control package. The total load is 29W/m2 and during the daytime just 15W/m2.