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GEK Group Headquarters

City: Athens
Area: 12,500mē
Architect: Michael Hopkins Architects

Based on a powerful competition winning concept, it was designed and built in only 20 months, enforcing a discipline on client and architect that is palpable in every detail. For all that, it is a humane, thoughtful and sophisticated building. (taken from RIBAĒs site)
The building has been awarded with RIBA award in 2004.

Working closely with the architects and the design leader Simon Fraser of Hopkins Architects we created a very discreet and yet impressively lit building with particular attention in enhancing the building during night-time. A lot of care had to go into designing lighting for the inner courtyard-atrium that could be viewed through the main entrance. This interior open air atrium is fundamentally the main core of the building. The reception area, with a small lounge, the restaurant and the bar are located around this atrium. Careful consideration was given, to ensure that the overall installation was manageable, both in terms of energy/running costs and maintainability. The office areas have been equipped with luminaries of indirect lighting distribution that provide the desired lighting levels while eliminating glare. For the ribbed ceiling areas, linear slim fittings were integrated in the ceiling.