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Anastasi Business Center

City: Limassol
Area: 7,500mē
Client: George Anastasi & Sons Ltd
Architect: A. Charalambous Partnership

Our contribution for this building was decisive both for the interior areas as well as the exterior spaces. The aim was to make the building a landmark with the use of lighting. The entrance to the building presents an element of surprise with the use of the low level lighting at the sides and the recessed floor luminaires producing a luminous trail for the cars to follow. The excellent architectural design of the main entrance and foyer in the mezzanine floor is strengthened by the discreet presence of LED colour changed lighting in the reception and waiting area. Taking into consideration the effect of light on people, we tried to create a work space that would contribute in the productivity and make the employees feel comfort. Each particular space got a unique lighting treatment in order to avoid uniformity and repetition. The great attraction of this building is the external appearance with the colour changing lighting that instills character to the surrounding area.