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Bank of Greece

City: Thessaloniki
Area: 2,200m˛
Architect: N. Gortsios & Associates

The building is located in the centre of Thessaloniki and it is a typical example of Interwar architecture. We have been asked by the architects to take into consideration the style of the building in our design approach. The lighting design included the calculation of the required luminaires, the design of bespoke luminaries to be customised in the style of the building˘s architecture by using opal glass covers and metal - brassy elements, and the design and manufacture of pendants for the corridors, with lamps of high output and low energy consumption. Moreover, many of the old wall lights were restored and modified in order to accept technologically advanced lamps and gear. Finally, particular attention was paid in the lighting of the alabaster cupola, which is lit both internally and externally with floodlights, in order to enhance the natural light.